OS X Mail, Contacts, and Calendars

Automatically configure your Mac running Lion or newer to use Advanced Email.

Installing the device profile

  1. Launch Safari and visit the following URL:


  2. Log in using your full Advanced Email Address and password:

  3. Click on the Install Profile icon to download the configuration profile:

  4. After the download completes, you should be presented with the Install Profile dialog. Click the Continue button:

  5. Enter the name you would like to be displayed when you send email, then press the Install button:

  6. You will see a certificate dialog. Click the Show Certificate button:

  7. Check the Always trust box, then click Connect:

  8. Once finished, you will see the Advanced Mail profile installed. You can close the System Preferences window.

  9. Congratulations, Advanced Email is now configured on your Mac! You can now launch Mail, Calendars, or Contacts to get started.