Tags: Organizing Your Data

You can use Tags to categorize emails and contacts.

Logging in

  1. Using your favorite web browser, navigate to https://mail.epbfi.com.
  2. Once the page loads, you will be greeted by the login dialog box:
  3. In the Username field, type in your Advanced Email Address (for example, john.appleseed@mycompany.com).
  4. In the Password field, type in your Advanced Email password.
  5. Click the Log In button to log in.
  6. Your Inbox should now appear on the screen.

Creating a new tag

  1. In the left pane, locate the Tags section:

  2. Click on the Gear icon to bring up a tags menu:

  3. You should now see the Create New Tag dialog. Specify a name for the tag, select a color, then press the OK button.

  4. The new tag should appear in the left pane under the Tags section.

Assigning a tag to an email

  1. Select the message in your mailbox that you would like to tag.
  2. Click on the Tag selected item(s) button in toolbar above your messages pane:

  3. Select the tag you would like to be applied to the email:

  4. Notice that a tag now appears next to the message in the messages pane:

  5. You will also see a new Tags category when you read a message:

Automatically assign tags to new messages

  1. Using Filters, we can automatically assign a tag to an incoming email beased on criteria you specify.
  2. Click on the Preferences tab at the top of your webmail:

  3. In the Preferences pane on the left side of your webmail, select the Filters category.

  4. With the Incoming Message Filters tab selected, click the New Filter button.

  5. Specify a Filter Name and the criteria that matches what you would like to be tagged. You can use the + and - buttons to add or remove more criteria.

  6. In the Perform the following actions section, use the drop-down menu to select Tag with:

  7. Click the Browse button:

  8. Select the tag you want to use and press the OK button.

  9. Click the OK button to save the filter.

  10. Congratulations, you set up a filter that automatically applies a tag! If you receive a new message that meets the criteria you specified, it will automatically tag the message for you.

Show emails with a particular tag

  1. Make sure you have the Mail tab selected. If you do not, select it.

  2. Locate the Tags section in the left pane and select the tag you want to view.

  3. The messages that contain the selected tag will appear in the right pane.

Using tags with contacts