Android ActiveSync Configuration

It's easy to configure ActiveSync on your Android device. To get started, please follow the instructions below:

Android Versions

This document covers the following versions of the Android operating system: For other versions, please follow the links below:

Configuring ActiveSync

  1. From your application launcher, touch Settings.

  2. Scroll down and find the Accounts category. Touch the Add Account button.

  3. Select the Corporate option.

  4. Enter your Advanced Email Address and password, then touch Next.

  5. Supply the following information:
    • In the Domain/Username field, leave the "\" and type your Advanced Email Address.
    • Your password should still be populated from the previous step. If it is not, enter your Advanced Email Password in the Password field.
    • For the Server field, type in to the text box.
    • Make sure the boxes for Use secure connection (SSL) and Accecpt all SSL certificates are checked.
    • If shown, make sure the Port value is set to 443.
    • Touch the Next button.

  6. Select the options that best suit your needs and click the Next button.

  7. Set a description for your Advanced Email account and click Next.

  8. Congratulations, your Advanced Email account is now configured on your Android device!